Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome KL:)

salam to all..hye peeps,guess u are all can predict what i will tell in this entry..
last day I went for an intebiu at seri gombak..guess what?
they accept me to do intern at their company..
the job scope is to do it and sales..promoting their products to clients
they are serving other company in web development,web hosting(it related)
cant wait to start since i love talking n meeting people.hee
and plus more,the company is monopolized by male workers..big challenge.. 
the more joy is,i do not need to stay at Muadzam Shah..
5months straight without shopping mall..huah..long big smile
juz a short entry about my internship
do pray for my fyp presentation tomorrow(friday,18March)
`welcome new life'
i hope u r kind to me;)

p/s:wah..working life..i welcome u