Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Khas buat awak

Thanks awak keje susah payah sebab nak bg sume nih..sy tunggu awak:)
Dear awak,
i wanna say  million of thanks
for everything..
U work hard for me to buy that ring
ring that brings a huge meaning for both of us
regardless of the price
no matter how cheap it is 
it always look good for me
it always being the most expensive thing i own

Dear awak,
i dont care people who alwiz talk rubbish about ur gifts to me
i dont care people who keep comparing mine with hers
but they wont be able to compare u with anybody

Dear awak,
i am so sad today
with mulut busuk mcm longkang punye orang
Manusia jahat camtu pon ade eh?