Saturday, November 10, 2012

In love with sql...

Hye peeps..quick update on the train..guess wat??i am gonna move to a new more id deletion and extension..will be involved with sql..i met my sv otw to lift and we have a short chit chat..
'Farhana..u hv to be prepared..there might be some meetings early in the morning or sometym late in the evening follows Curutiba's time..u gonna hv a conference meeting for the training..'
Curutiba is located at Brazil..never google about that place since i dunt really have any interest with Brazil..but now..i have to!
Date for training will be from 19 to 22 nov..wish me lots of lucks peeps since i will be trained by really terer programmers out there...and yes ..west peoples are i cud say when i am doing their requests b4..
To calm down my nervousness excitedness worriesness..this one ayat from Him would really be inspiring..
"Allah tak akan mbebani hambaNya sesuai dengan kemampuan"
May this new task make me into sumone who is stronger expert mature and all good things..
Dear Allah..i know u prepared wat i need in the journey of my life to you i you i u i hope..make my journey towards u smooth n barakah..Aminn

Pic caption: went to Fraser Hill as my weekend getaway..i love nature..but FH is a boring place..aha

Monday, October 22, 2012

No Title

Salam...hyeeee..I start to miss my has been like ages since the last update..too much to catch up..last proper entry is about praktikal..hey babe,u have graduated now!!! has been too long...
Dunno where to start..just a simple update of who am I today..hehehe..
Officially graduated from UIA in B.It..(8 Oct 2012)
Manage to get a job under recruitment firm and now has been placed under ExxonMobil(M)..its oil n gas company..if u r using esso,u have to know this..
Current assignment as Access Admin Analyst specificially doing id extension and deletion..I love what I am doing right now as I need to communicate with people all around the world(only He knows how I wish I could speak English fluently and correctly)
Still single..ahahaha...T_T
Could u all pliz make dua for change my status by the next year??hehe..
"ALLAH knows but we dunt know"
Welll...guess that is gonna be enough for now..till we meet again..wassalam..

Time is never waiting
Life live to the fullest
Thank You Allah

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogging via phone

Hyee...i am just trying...convo mode activated