Wednesday, April 27, 2011


salam..juz a short updet kerana saya rasa saya masih pic juz bunches of words..
few lines of typical condolence speech to Addy but I hope there is something at least I can do..

Dear Addy.. 
I will never know how hard what you have been through
there will never be any single people who will know the pain you carried on
unless they loose someone they love and extremely important to them just like u do
I just want you to know
Allah never test u on something that u wont be able to handle
And I will never have a good words to comfort u..
I only could keep praying and du'a..
for you to be stronger
for our sister to be in peace, in Rahmah..Amiin..alFatihah

-Addy is known as very ignorance person towards anybody. I could say that sometimes he is heartless.
I do SMSed him to say that I need to cross the main road to get my lunch. Kind like menyabung nyawa la kan nak beli makanan murah. For sure, I will only expect him to say, "Okay, be careful".But yesterday was so different. He replied me with "Go eat your lunch at safest place. I dun want to lose anybody I love anymore". I almost cried..

-My practical time is so bored. Think that I almost have nothing to share just I make friends:) which I considered lucky rather than I dont have any progress..Making friends is a progress too..

Till we meet again..sayonara
c u all again later..


Abeaddy said...

so touching,,,,,xtau nk cakap ape,memang terharu sgt2,... thanks hney coz being part of my life~!!!

anne_omar said...

@Addy:Thank You jugak menjadi sebahagian hidup saya..semoga awak sentiasa tabah dan kuat!!love u~